Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My first Zentangles.....

My friend, Janet (as shown in a prior posting), got me into an invitation only Zentangle book.
I had never done a Zentangle on purpose, except for a practice one in a journal swap. So I did what I truly love to do: research! Lots and lots of Internet searching and I found lots and lots of inspiration from various sites (thanks to you all out there), and tutorials here .
And here are my Zentangles and the front & back covers.


Janet Wilson said...

Joanie!!! Those are incredible!!!! I love them all!!!!
I'm glad you took pictures of them cuz they are awesome!
What kind of pen and paper did you use? You are GOOD!
thanks for calling me "friend"

Anonymous said...

So now I am curious.. thanks for the link it compels me to follow and find out more too..

seth said...

I've seen zentangles blogged in several places recently but you have taken them to a whole new level!

mimilove forever said...

They are magnificent! Thank you for posting them and the link

Margaret said...

Joanie these are so cool, such amazing detail! Margaret

UMD-Margaret said...

Who knew you had all those Zantangles hidden in you!
They are beautiful, fantastic and all around magnificent!
I love the way you implement the lines! I see something different each time I look at them! My favorites are the tree and your name, but all of them are truly beautiful and so expressive of your talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!