Thursday, April 30, 2009

an old SP from another time...

this is for Kristin, it's not invisible, but it's not me anymore.
you can see Misty's here.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My mosaic ATCs

Stacy Alexander announced a 2 for 2 Mosaic ATC a while ago and I signed up. The first cards got kind of ruined when part of the art room ceiling fell so I made some more and mailed them off to Stacy. Hoping, as I usually do, that they will do and no one who receives one will be disappointed. We'll see. Happy days!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, and a posting about my Fake Journal

A few postings ago, Gina of Artistic Dreamer, asked me how my Fake Journal was going. So, the first thing I had to do was to go to her blog and see if her Fake Journal was going well. It was going very well. This meant that I had to delay my answer to her. Why? Because by then my Fake Journal days were over for this year, and I wasn't sure if or how to let the world know. If I hadn't been so excited and hadn't made a big deal of this journalling event, I could probably get away with just replying that it was going okay. And it was going okay, for about 10 days. After that I kind of lost interest in the direction of the Fake Journal. I think the reason I stopped is because I didn't have a real feel for the journal's author. She was (literally) an eleventh hour inspiration. And I wanted to put some background info about her and her life but it seemed too forced. So I didn't really "know" her and I didn't know how or if to include stuff about her existence.
Which brings me to another question about the Fake Journal asked by Leanne of
Mixed Media Martyr. She wanted to know what was the last minute idea that allowed me to even start the 2009 Fake Journal. The idea came from a photo of my son and two of my four grandchildren. There was a woman in the background looking directly into my camera when I snapped the photo, and for some reason her look stuck in my mind. So my author was going to be someone who saw photos differently from the way most (or all) people saw them. For example, she saw the background woman as having "hair made of sea glass" and whose "arms were so long that her hands touched the ground". On the first page in the Fake Journal I have a small black & white photo of this background woman, a written description, and a small watercolor & extra-fine point Sharpie illustration. The second day's entry is a small photo of my great grandmother, my sister, Jeanie, and me. This also has the written description of how the author "sees" my great grandmother and a small watercolor. I also used a photo from a magazine, a photo from my high school yearbook, and a photo from a cereal box on other pages.
I missed a few days here and there (4), and by the 16th days, I was reaching, floundering, and not having fun. So I stopped.
But I am looking forward to starting another Fake Journal next year. And I guess there's nothing stopping me from starting an Unofficial Fake Journal if I decide I want to try before 2010.
So that's the scoop on my 2009 Fake Journal.
Happy days!
p.s. The Fake Journal is in the bottom drawer of a dresser that I don't use, and there it will stay until I decide to look at it again. I'm not unhappy about starting or stopping. It's just an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of thing. ; )


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Misty Mawn's SP Wednesday

me & Fuzz-Marie / me & Chan

Misty's blog is here.

I have to get more artsy.....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Misty Mawn's unofficial self portrait Wednesday

How to describe how I feel about my SPs, words (almost) fail me right now. I was kind jealous (?) on Wednesday that I hadn't been a part of this SP thing. I had given up using photos of me as a kid to represent myself, but sometimes it would be not only easier, but cuter. So here are 2 SPs. I refuse to write anything negative or funny as I usually do. I guess this is me, at least the outside.

You can find Misty Mawn's posting here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pink pages for Letha's Traveling RR Journal

The Paper Traders Traveling RR Journal is moving right along. These are the pages I made for Letha.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Such and Such

Want a chance on a simply lovely pendant?
Go here to Lora Hart's blog. Good luck!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hell Wednesday a.k.a. the 1st day of the fake journal

I had a major and terrible battle with the demon known to most of you as the "Inner Critic". I had never bothered to name this spirit, but as the oldest child, a Virgo, and a Catholic, I know it well. From this day forward, I acknowledge my Inner Critic. I have to, it won. But read on...
I was so excited by this idea of keeping a fake journal. I had a book and supplies ready. And when I got home from work, I quickly got the dogs outside (quick is good here), got dinner for the dogs, cat, and turtle served, ate my own dinner, etc., all the regular stuff so I could get to my fake journal. I read & re read the tips Roz had written. The Inner Critic rears it's ugly head: you've only been to Boston 4 times, your author can't live there, what do you know about being an 89 year old woman from Lithuania?, your author sees everything in black and white only, so what?, and your author is a 12 year old boy spying on you?, you're stupid and crazy, Joanie.
I can't seem to decide on an author for my fake journal, and I'm starting to panic. I really, really want to keep a fake journal for a month. And then I re read the tips once more: "A Word of Caution~This is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to let your mind wander and play. If you find that you are staring at the blank page and sweating, well that isn’t fun. Just stop. It isn’t worth it." I realize that it isn't worth it, and as much as I want to do this, I'm not going to put myself through this. I acknowledge my Inner Critic, and I surrender. I may be stupid and crazy, but I'm not so stupid that I can't see this is not FUN any more. Okay, stay with me. I quit, but not entirely. I do some other things, I get ready for bed and I say what passes for me as prayers, and I'm okay. Maybe next year I'll do a fake journal.
Kaboom, I think of a photo I took of my son & grandchildren at the Viet Nam Wall, and I remember a lady in the background of this photo, and I have an idea! It's 10:57 p.m. and I can't be stopped.
FU, Inner Critic, fu.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 1st day of International Fake Journal Month!

Today's the day!
Get your journals out and start faking!
Here's the official blog for some really helpful hints.
Ready, steady, go!