Friday, February 20, 2009

don't enter this contest unless..

you plan on giving this red coat to Kelly if you win!
You can enter here .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My new words for 2009

Nope, "commitment" is not my word. Hasn't made a bit of difference in my life, or maybe it has because now I know it's not my word. Now I have 2: Honest & Survive.
Boy, do I feel better. These are real words to me, and if I'm the one who has to remember them and say them, they need to be real.
What inspired this posting?
The calendar journal I'm working in for 2009 with a group of 5 women. My CJ will travel every 2 months from one home to the next, as will the other 5 women's journals. I am finishing up February, and then will send it on to Shelley who will send her CJ to Susan, etc. In 10 months, each of our own CJs will be home.
So I'm working on the cover and decide I cannot, no way, use another picture of me as a kid or a teenager, or any thing but myself. Honest.
I need to be honest.
Stay tuned for the scans of the CJ!
Happy days, Joanie

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Altered Board for for the latest Red Dog Scott RR

Front cover & Welcome page.

1st page

page and Back Cover
The theme is Ghosts.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A picture for Boo!

update: Boo is the youngest daughter of my middle sister, and faithfully checks out my blog. So I posted a picture of her (not current, of course!). She is the little one on her tippy toes hoping that her sister, Courtenay, will give her at least one jelly bean.

Update to the hearts: the flowered heart is an old shirt! I did not embroider it.

These are the journal pages for the last Calendar Journal I worked on for 2008. Sandy had chosen a wall calendar and it was so different (to me) from the other book-type journals that I was frozen in terms of how to handle the journaling. Sometimes it doesn't take much to rattle me. So I decided to use fabric and then use utility tags for significant dates. The journaling is in the beading. A bead represents each day of the month, and there are paydays and weekends and birthdays, etc. what do you think? It's different if nothing else. Happy days.