Wednesday, May 27, 2009

super video

There's nothing, well almost nothing, as fun to me as sitting at work and laughing and/or crying at my computer. And that's what I just finished doing and I still have tears of laughter on my fat little cheeks. And it's not an email from Ms. Nozeybeetle this time, it's this video and this idea of laughter.
You can watch the video here at the Voodoo Cafe or here at my blog. Thank you Ricë and Susan and Lauren.
But I encourage you to go the the Cafe to read the wonderful post Ricë has written.


Jazz said...

I watched it on my balcony Sunday afternoon. Within a minute I was laughing hysterically. Damn, that felt good.

Fanciful Expressions said...

Nothing beats a good laugh. And this video provides that.Thanks for sharing the hysteria ;o)


Janet Wilson said...

That was cool. It reminds me of these 3 ladies with MS and their friend Gigi...they would come to the pool to do water therapy and then one of the last things they would do was to laugh. One would start and the others would join in. They would time it and it was so funny to watch. The more they laughed the more they laughed and it was hard to keep a straight face while I was lifeguarding. Sounds like Gigi was being a bodhvisatta...or whatever that cool word was.
PS - who is Susan in Seattle?