Monday, March 15, 2010

Fabric postcards

Ever notice how all the loose strings & dogs hair don't show up until the pictures are on a blog, mine anyway,


Anonymous said...

I love your fabric projects! Especially those quilty postcards!! They're so jolly looking. Thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes on my blog. Hope all's going splendidly with you and wishing you a lovely week ahead!


mimilove forever said...

Substitute dog hair for kitty fuzz and I'm there! Love these, the wee faces are divine!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Love these fabric postcards! They are so much fun! Haven't looked at anyone's blogs for a while, thanks for commenting on mine so that I followed the link to have a peruse at yours again!! Leanne.

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog--I enjoyed your story about spotting the blue heron. These postcards are charming--they make me smile with their bright colors and happy faces. And I laughed at the hair comment, so true!