Thursday, February 28, 2008

Excitement about Artfest (and fear about the same)

This is my first posting (except for my really first posting ever) with no pictures, just words. I am going to Artfest in April for the first time, and I'm excited and scared. The thing that scares me the most is the idea of being in the presence of over 500 wired up artists. I'm afraid of feeling so out of sorts with so much energy & excitement & people. And I'm really nervous about leaving my 3 dogs, especially the 15 year old Rottie-Lab mix who is the dog of my heart. So I'm going, but with very mixed emotions. When you read this, send some good thoughts my way, please.

There's always a deeper reason, Joanie, for the emotions you feel, the doubts you have, the questions you raise, and the fears you entertain.

It's called "Wanting it all."

What a system, huh?

The Universe

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Janet Wilson said...

You are the one who helps me feel brave and has such good insights into things.
Since you shared TUT with me I have been repeating this to myself:
Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones!
And it helps.
That and always having a plan B and plan C.
Being away from the ones you love and depend on you will be hard. Try to think about the joyous reunion you'll have with them when you get home!
Isn't there some yin and yang to all this too?
Maybe we need to have some trust and faith and some good karma and good vibes and anything else you can think of but it's coming so let's embrace it!