Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Artfest spot for sale

I am very sad to write that I must sell my spot at Artfest 2008. If anyone reads this & is interested, please leave me a comment. I have a private room in a dorm on the Fort Worden grounds and meals for Wednesday (dinner), Thursday (3), Friday (3), & Saturday(3), and breakfast on Sunday. The classes I have are: Thursday, Mixed Media Mandalas (Anahata Katkin), Friday, Blackboard Journal (Bee Shay), and Saturday, Finding Treasures (LK Ludwig). The total cost to me was $720 (If interested in the spot without meals, the cost would be $580).
I have been looking forward to this since August and also to meeting my online friend, Janet in Seattle. You can see more info at www.teeshamoore.com. Enough for now.


Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Joanie!
Yesterday and today I've spent organizing the trades for CYBER FYBER and creating labels for the upcoming exhibition. This requires me to "copy and paste" blog addresses...and check all the links...which has allowed me to peek in on a few of the blogs...like yours. First, I'm so very happy that you are continuing to use your blog. This is just wonderful...but, more, importantly, I'm worried about you. Obviously, something is wrong for you to have your spot at Artfest up for sale. My hopes and prayers are with you...whatever it is. Although you were approaching this event with a bit of precaution, it would have been a wonderful experience in the end. I certainly hope that another opportunity comes along soon and that whatever is wrong is quickly righted.
PS Please let me know!

Janet Wilson said...

I really wish you would come to Artfest and be on this adventure with me. I don't want to go without you being there too.
If no one can buy your spot would you PLEASE let me help you get here???
If anyone else reads this and wants to Help Send Joanie to Artfest, PLEASE write to me! I am the nozeybeetle@yahoo.com
Joanie...I am
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanie,

I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to attend Artfest. I may be able to buy your spot. Please email me at andrea_designs22@hotmail.com.

Take good care,

Rekoj said...

Hi Joanie!
I posted the info about your spot on my blog - but it looks like you might already have a taker.
Best of luck!