Friday, April 17, 2009

Misty Mawn's unofficial self portrait Wednesday

How to describe how I feel about my SPs, words (almost) fail me right now. I was kind jealous (?) on Wednesday that I hadn't been a part of this SP thing. I had given up using photos of me as a kid to represent myself, but sometimes it would be not only easier, but cuter. So here are 2 SPs. I refuse to write anything negative or funny as I usually do. I guess this is me, at least the outside.

You can find Misty Mawn's posting here.


Kristin said...

There you are my fellow nap taker! You are also brave and beautiful. I'm so glad that you are joining Misty and the rest of us in these self portraits. You are awesome and I so appreciate all of the kindness you have shown to me.


Tina said...

hey girl,

first of all cute pics - SPs are hard. It's hard to find a picture of yourself you feel good about. But sometimes you just have to let go and take a chance and I am sure glad Misty brought that about.

Let's see my shoes/feet??? hmm - well, the topic of the post was comfort and well - I trully love my converse...they are my everyday shoes, dress up or down, my true comfort. I think they look good on film too. Hope that helps and let's keep in touch.


Janet Wilson said...

You are super cute and pretty! Now I see that cool haircut you were telling me is really cute!
So I'd have to say that man with a British accent is missing out. He better get busy and find you! Way to go Brave One.

Joanie Hoffman said...

You guys made me cry! they are happy tears though.
Kristin, Tina, & Ms Beetle, thank you each a million times.
Happy days,

misty said...

these photos of you are so sweet! i am so glad you jumped in, the water's nice, isn't it! ;) i hope you make it a weekly thing? it gets better each time!
have a beautiful weekend and keep sharing that beautiful smile!

Kristin said... a most welcome! Please keep posting your SP.....I will try to do the same.....this can only bring about positive changes in our lives! Oh, and I started with my these ankle strap shoes I really love and I thought of you! I will take a nap in honor of our self portraits tomorrow!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

I guess selfportraits make us look at ourselves, as we are, in the raw, and accept ourselves for who we are! Great to see your photos! I recently changed my profile photo too, still tampered with in photoshop though!! Not quite ready to expose myself completely!

Gina said...

Hi Joanie,
How is your fake journal going? I’m sketching and writing a lot in mine and have posted some early ones--the good and the bad--on my blog. It’s very interesting keeping someone else’s journal, if only for a month, and very sobering, too, when we realize everyone on the planet is struggling with some issue or problem.

deb did it said...

I love fun! Keep on keeping gets more fun!