Thursday, December 11, 2008

A general posting

Usually, I don't write a lot. I post a picture or two, or list a giveaway, etc.
Today I want to write and I think it's all due to Chrysti's posting today. One of my favorite books is POEMCRAZY and that's Chrysti's giveaway for today. I have the book, but if I win my copy is going to my friend, Janet, in Seattle. If you don't have the book, go buy yourself a copy for Christmas. I feel like writing words, words, words, but I'm at work, work, work, so this will be a shorter posting than I want it to be.
Some of my new favorite words are the verification words shown when posting comments on some blogs. Like "monogyper" and "croophs". Just think what a collage or two with those names would look like.
See what a great book this is?
Happy days!


Anonymous said...

That's great! I find myself cracking up over some of those verification words. The weirdest thing is when, sometimes, they happen to be an actual word, and it seems to be somehow related to the post (theme to the x-files playing in my head now).

mimilove forever said...

Coo'eee Joanie...and thank you!

Have to say I am leaning towards the Chas n Dave...I reckon I could manage 20 without losing the will to live ;0)

A very Merry Christmas to you missis and joyousness for the New Year! x;0)

Margaret said...

Cool link Joanie! really enjoyed this one thank you!

Janet Wilson said...

Oh Joanie!
That is so nice of you to say...I will go look for this book.
At this moment though, I am feeling very confused.
If I read the poems will I understand the words and then be able to make a collage???
Or will I have to still take drugs?

Joanie Hoffman said...

Dear Janet,
Drugs are optional, but I think Poemcrazy is all you need for inspiration. The rest will be up to you, and you are very talented & creative.

Beckie Holso said...

I thought that was so funny about the verification words =) Mine for this post is "rounri" which I imagine is an piece of african pottery!

I just wanted to stop by your blog and say "Hi" and thanks for subscribing to mine. I hope your holidays have been nice and your New Year will be blessed!