Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A book from my Grandson!

Last week, my grandson, Brian, went to the Book Fair at his elementary school. He bought a book for me and then gave it to me last Friday. He thought of me, his Nanny, at the Book Fair! and he picked out a book he knew I would love. And I do love it. This book will be put in my Art room and not in the living room on the "regular" bookshelves. Who knews what Art this book will inspire. Thank you, Brian Thomas!

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Janet Wilson said...

OHMYGOD! That book looks so COOL! And it is so super cute that your grandson thought of you at the book fair. That was so sweet!
(He needs to know that bats are really much cuter than that I think I will have to mail you a picture of the little bat- that was actually classified as a Big Brown Bat- that almost drown in our pool last summer. The experts think he must have been chasing a bug and flew in through an open door. Sometimes it really does get hot in Seattle.