Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A little saga through song, con't. Part V

Ghost Dance by Robbie Robertson
I found this song when I was in a Red Dog Scott deck swap called "Dreams, Visions, & Intuitions". It was incredibly inspiring to me and helped save my art life.


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD...I LOVE!!! this song! It had completely slipped my mind. My best friend and I listened to the "For the Native Americans" continuously for just about all of 1996-1998. Thank you for putting this here and causing me to remember!

I'm enjoying your whole sound journey here. I only put up one song. This series of posts was a fantastic way to go with this!

And thanks for joining my giveaway! xoxo Serena

Anonymous said...

Jeez, this seems to happen alot. I'll comment and hit post then notice whole chunks of sentence missing. I meant: "MUSIC for the Native Americans" by Robbie Robertson

Marit said...

I loved getting part of YOUR life by YOUR songs! Thanks for pointing this post out to me... it's special!!! I know (almost) all songs/artists here, that's special! You are my beloved's age I guess... (he's 56) and I share a lot of music from this time (I'm an old soul in a younger body... teehee...)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Thank you!

Marius, friend of Marit