Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2, 2, 2 posts in 1

First, go look at this blog .
Kristin is sort of new to blogging, like that makes a difference when someone has as much passion for life as she seems to have.

Second, Susan Tuttle is having another giveaway, but you have to enter today, because she's picking the winner tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon.
Amazon has the book also.


grrl+dog said...

ahh, I am off on a lovely blog cruise now.. adore the pages you made, and I would be in a swap with you any day.

Dream With the Fishes said...

Hey you, Thanks for your awesome comments!

Yep, I got this book 'Exhibition 36' for Christmas...GREAT BOOK!! I love Susan Tuttle's work, and her blog is soooo beautiful, and her photography breathtaking.

Checked out Kristin's blog, too, and was delighted. I saved it to go back and visit regularly.

Have a lovely night and gorgeous day tomorrow!

Kristin said...


Thank you so much for the many kind comments and for allowing people to find their way to my blog through your beautiful pages. This is an amazing experience for me. It feels good to let go of things....to give and receive positive energy. So yummy!