Friday, March 6, 2009

This is Jaxon.....

Baby Jaxon is the son of my niece, Sarah.
I was home for 8 days in a row with a leftover cough from a cold, and a car that was in the shop (with a $1,200 repair bill), and my sister, Jeanie, came to visit. with her came Sarah, Jaxon, and my nephew, Danny, and lots of groceries!).
I might as well go ahead & add one more more picture.
Happy days, everyone.


mimilove forever said...

Sending out virtual "in the same boat re: car's n colds" sympathy hugs missus! :)

(Lovin' the surprised baby pic!)

Chocolate and Steel said...

ohhh! He is just too cute.

Joanie Hoffman said...

Thank you Ms Laura & Ms Christine for visiting. Little Jaxon always looks surprised, as did his mom when she was so little. He is a very good baby too.
Colds & cranky cars cannot keep us down!
Happy days,