Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hoffman in a Teapot or Thepest in a Teapot

Those are the potential names for a potential second blog, a blog of questions that you, the reader of the blog, would answer for me. This posting is a test run.
But first, a picture for you to see:

These are my feet in shoes on my back porch at night.
And my question is: why? Why do so many artist bloggers, to the best of my memory, these are all women, why do these bloggers post pictures of their feet? Feet in shoes or barefoot, toes with nail polish or toe rings or naked, feet in rainboots or Earthshoes? I have my own idea, but tell me what you think. Maybe you've posted pictures of your own feet. Why? One inquiring mind wants to know, please.


Mixed Media Martyr said...

Joanie, you pose an interesting question here! It prompted me to reply with a blog entry of my own:

You know there was a song go up the charts in New Zealand in either the late seventies or early eighties, sort of folksey, where she sang "... but there's a part of my body that's really neat... I love my feet"

mimilove forever said...

Personally I've never felt the need, altho i do have some quite groovy shoes! ;0)

Did you say 30 tarantuals??!! Explain yourself madam! x;0)

Laura Kay said...

I have to agree with mixed media artist. I also thought of another one. While sitting enjoying or contemplating life, gazing out, then gazing in. I always see my feet. They are with me always.

Seth said...

Thanks for asking this Joanie. You know, I have noticed this myself and often wondered why as well!

Joanie Hoffman said...

Answers! and a fellow questioner in Seth! More, I need more answers!

Joanie Hoffman said...

Dear Karen,
Show us some groovy shoes and I'll tell you about the 30 tarantulas.
You know you want to....
happy days,

Dayna Collins said...

Ummmm, I wish I had a snappy zippy amazing answer. But I don't. I just like looking down at my feet, and have taken (and posted) many shots of my feet (with and without shoes). I like the angle. I like my feet. I love shoes. So there you go - the best I can come up with. Thanks for wondering out loud.

Joanie Hoffman said...

Laura Kay & Dayna,
Thanks for answering! Zippy has it's place, but I like your down to earth answer. Mixed Media Martyr has a great response on her blog.
Happy days,

Dream With the Fishes said...

Very good question! I'd love to hear what others have to say about it. Oddly enough, I JUST snapped a photo of MY feet in rainbow socks the other day (my first feet snapshot) and kind of felt weird when I went to post it (it seemed so irrelevant), so I didn't. BUT NOWWWW that you've brought this up... I must. In fact, someone should start a challenge or something - "Feet-Foto-Fridays" or something like that. I look forward to your new questions blog, whatever name you choose for it!

P.S. I did not know there was a term for those nasty suckers - collar knots!! Yes, I get those, too!! Grrrrrrr.

Dream With the Fishes said...

I just posted my feet photo as a segue to your post here. I like Mixed Media Martyr's explanations, too. I'm staying tuned for your new "questions blog"!

Karen said...

Hi Joanie!
Thanks for stopping by at my blog.
I have yet to show a picture of my feet in a post, but you've got me thinking now, so who knows? ;)

~Barb~ said...

Because we, as artists, realize what a journey life really is...and what takes you on a journey? Why, your feet, of course.

Just my guess. Hmmmm....

Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥

Chocolate and Steel said...

I think it's because it's a tiny little clue that makes you think "what is the rest of this person like".
Or, maybe because it is the main view of self from the self.
I have posted a pic of my feet in the past too.

odd, I know

Joanie Hoffman said...

Barb & Christine,
Thanks fr your comments!
Christine, I love the "walk on the beach picture.
Happy days,

Kristin said...

I was just thinking about that last night. So...I have body issues. I want desperately to get over them. So...I thought....I will start taking pictures of different parts of my body......make friends with them. My feet, my toes.....may be a safe place to start. Keep a watch out.....I may not be revealing my face yet but my feet and toes may make a grand entrance:)

Elizabeth Golden said...

I am with Mixed Media Martyr on this one. I think feet are pretty revealing about people. Hands and feet sort of go together. I used to watch this sports anchor at all the games - he would be in this $3,00.00 suit with the most awful worn and run down shoes. One night he was out on the court doing a halftime thing and I started taking pictures of his feet. He freaked. Later I said I realized no one ever saw that part on tv it was a comfort thing. But his shoes were his personality comfy and worn. So feet show who we are at that moment revealing more than we know. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Joanie ! Thanks for your visit to my Green Post. Yep, those are my feet. I love my feet, and I love those shoes ! Green, from Spain, with spirals, made of recycled rubber and oh, so comfortable ! (El Naturalista)
I think as a round girl, feet and shoes have always been easier than say, belly buttons and bathing suits. It is also the easiest way to get a sot of some part of me - just point and shoot !
That's why I have a picture of my feet on my blog !
Happy Days back !

Jill said...

Feet on my blog? I guess it's because it shares a little more of myself. I think it makes me more "real" without the whole me-oohmyhairlooksbadineedmakeup thing.
I know I really like it on others' blogs when I get to see all or part of the blogger. I'm pretty sure this is the most of me exposed on my blog so far.
I'm glad you asked.

deb did it said...

It all started on Mothers Day at the beach with my Mom. She loves to go barefoot, so we would always go to the beach on Mothers Day and take pictures of us and our barefeet. I think it also represents FREEDOM and being childlike. So I continue to capture feety-fotos. I am also member of some self portrait Flickr groups!!