Monday, March 23, 2009


Oh boy, now I'm excited. Roz Wound Up has announced this. This being that April is Fake Journal Month.
Last year, the last calendar I was working on for the 2008 Calendar-Journal Exchange just absolutely threw me for a loop. The calendar itself was beautiful but the format was different from the others and for some reason, I froze/my muse was missing/I was struck dumb, etc. So at one point, and this point was in the last month before I was to send the calendar-journal home to it's owner, I considered writing up fake stuff. I didn't do that (pictures of what I did do are below in a previous posting), but it really appealed to me.
So now I can do that! I can keep a second *fake* journal.
Oh, I know I could have done this before, but now it's official (or something).
And I have the button that says so!

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Joyce said...

What a great idea. I never heard of a "Fake Journal".
I decided to try it after reading this entry.

I'm writing as my alter ego and it's so much fun. Everyone should try it.

Thanks for the info.